24. ruj 2012.

Koprivnica calling

This isn't going be a typical outfit post...
Yesterday I went to Koprivnica with my boyfriend to visit our friend Adriana who lives there. Koprivnica is such a beautiful small town only 90 kilometres away from Zagreb. There's a wonderful main square, lots of parks, beautiful old buildings, cosy cafe bars... Really, an ideal destination for a one-day Sunday (or weekend) excursion. 
The weather is beautiful, warm and sunny again, such a nice beginning of this autumn! 

T-shirt: Mango, A/W 2009/10
Jacket: Miss Selfridge, S/S 2008
Jeans: Topshop, A/W 2010/11
Bag: Accessorize, A/W 2011/12
Flats: Tommy Hilfiger, S/S 2012

We had such a great time in Koprivnica. Adriana waited for us at the train station, then we strolled around 'til evening, went to her place to have lunch, afterwards she took us to the woods, around the town and showed us everything. In the end before catching the last train for Zagreb we had a mug of beer in one of the bars at the main square. It was such a great excursion... You just gotta move away from the place you live from time to time. Adriana, thanks again for everything, it was perfect! See ya again very soon!

In the end I gotta show you this wonderful creature - Barney, Adriana's 8-yr-old Irish setter. He's one of the calmest, nicest, fluffiest and cuddliest dogs I've ever met. Isn't he adorable? 



20. ruj 2012.

secret garden

She'll lead you down a path
There'll be tenderness in the air
She'll let you come just far enough
So you know she's really there
Then she'll look at you and smile
And her eyes will say
She's got a secret garden
Where everything you want
Where everything you need
Will always stay
A million miles away...

(lyrics: Bruce Springsteen, "Secret Garden") 

Blazer: Zara, S/S 2012
Shirt: Miss Selfridge, S/S 2011
Jeans: Mango, A/W 2011/12
Brogues: Eden shoes, S/S 2010 (bought in Paris)
Leather satchel: vintage (Mom's heritage from the 80s)



18. ruj 2012.

when green turns into yellow, red and brown...

Goodbye summer, hate to see you go
I wasn't ready for autumn wind to blow
So lonely
We had a fine time holding hands in June
Warm in a sunshine, watching love in bloom
Where are you now?

(lyrics: India Arie, 'Summer')

Unfortunately, summer is really over. 
It's time to take longer pants, jeans, cardigans and jackets out from our wardrobes. After such a long and beautiful summer I must admit I'm quite shocked and unprepared for the sudden "chill" in the air, especially in the evening, but nevermind. 
I'll get used to it. We'll all get used to it. Seasons change, that's part of nature. 

Jeans: Diesel, A/W 2011/12
Tank top: Topshop, can't remember the exact yeat (2005 or 2006?, I only know it's old as hell and still holding. Topshop ftw!)
Cardigan: Mango, A/W 2011/12
Bag: Accessorize, A/W 2010/11
Sneakers: Converse, S/S 2011
Necklace: a present from my cousin (bought somewhere in Barcelona in 2010)

Yes, I know, owl necklaces are boring as hell and so widespread, but I haven't worn mine for ages until today. It got lost in some of the boxes with jewelry for a long, long time, I found it yesterday while I was cleaning my room and decided to put it on. Damn it, why not? :D After all, it has strong emotional value.   



16. ruj 2012.

the graduate

Bloody hell, I've graduated! 
I still have mixed feelings about everything - I'm happy because now I oficially have a MA degree in English and Spanish language and literature and sad because the days spent at the university were the time of my life. I met so many friends and amazing people there, had so many interesting experiences... This is the end of one era and the beginning of the other. 
Well, who knows what life will bring in the future? Let's hope for the best...

This was my outfit for the thesis defence. Didin't want to make it too official although there are some dress code rules, of course...

Shirt: Zara TRF, S/S 2012
Blazer: Zara Woman, A/W 2010/11
Jeans: Topshop, A/W 2010/11
Bag: Accessorize, A/W 2010/11
Shoes: Accessorize, A/W 2011/12

Once again sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, but I was really busy with preparations for my thesis defense and all the paperwork and bureaucracy stuff that followed. 

In the end I'd like to show you my lucky charm. His name is Rex although he's actually not a T-Rex but a velociraptor, but nevermind. I absolutely adore his face, it's so priceless and funny. 
Please, don't ask why his teeth are hooked for a glass of beer. It's a long story... 



5. ruj 2012.

the one, the only... The Godfather

You're probably wondering what is The Godfather doing in the title of a fashion blog post? It's my favorite movie of all times and I'm quite sure it's going to stay my no.1 forever because it's quite impossible to achieve and to repeat the perfection of that amazing masterpiece.
Everything started when I was 12 or 13 and watched the movie for the first time. All the girls from my class were crazy about Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, the Backstreet Boys. Well, I was a bit different... Those big, stunning Al Pacino's eyes, the entire plot, amazing Marlon Brando's role as don Vito Corleone, the whole atmosphere in the movie and the world of Italian mobsters have hypnotized me from the very beginning. 

After all those years I still think Al Pacino is one of the most talented actors ever. His expressive eyes and facial expressions speak more than words. 

A couple of years later when I was already in highschool I also read Mario Puzo's novel and although it's not as excellent as the movie I just loved it. Mom used to tell me: "Geez, Petra, you're so obsessed with mobsters and The Godfather that you could actually write a graduation thesis about the topic. Stop watching that stupid movie all over again and start studying for your exams!"
Guess what! The title of my thesis is "Mario Puzo's The Godfather - its impact upon Italian American identity". My thesis defense is in a week, hooray! Can't wait. 

My little "baby" (a.k.a. thesis) is finished and ready for the next Wednesday.
This photo of Pacino is on the wall of one of the bars in Tkalčićeva Street in Zagreb. I just couldn't resist and had to take a photo of the thesis together with Pacino. 

And now the outfit. It's nothing special because today I had no inspiration - I picked up the first T-shirt and shorts from the pile 'cause I just wanted to wear something short and comfortable as it's warm again. Summer is back. MyPerfectLounge, you were right. ;)



3. ruj 2012.

stripes and summer sadness

Hi, everybody!
Hope all of you had a great weekend. Here in Zagreb it was raining all the time on Friday and Saturday, but yesterday some sun finally showed up so Mladen (my boyfriend) and I decided to take a walk around the Zagreb botanical garden. It's quite small, but such a great place to relax from everyday duties and it's situated in the center of the city.

As you can see it was not so warm as it used to be because of the damn rain and the wind. Bye bye, shorts, it's time for jeans and longer pants! :( 

Jeans: Topshop, A/W 2010/11
Shoes: Accessorize, A/W 2011/12
Tank top: H&M, S/S 2011
Asymmetrical top: Clona (bought in Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Bag: Accessorize, A/W 2011/12
Necklace: La Rocka

I've received some e-mails from a couple of readers who ask me why I never wear high heels, pumps or wedges. Well, that's just not me. I have only one pair of high heels, black peep-toe pumps and I wear them 3 or 4 times a year for special occasions. I know it's not typical for fashion bloggers, but hey, I feel comfortable in flats and nothing's gonna change that. Sorry, people. Flats, brogues, chucks, flip-flops, sandals, desert and biker boots are part of my style, my identity. 

Hope the summer won't end so soon and that we'll have plenty more sunny and hot days!