16. ruj 2012.

the graduate

Bloody hell, I've graduated! 
I still have mixed feelings about everything - I'm happy because now I oficially have a MA degree in English and Spanish language and literature and sad because the days spent at the university were the time of my life. I met so many friends and amazing people there, had so many interesting experiences... This is the end of one era and the beginning of the other. 
Well, who knows what life will bring in the future? Let's hope for the best...

This was my outfit for the thesis defence. Didin't want to make it too official although there are some dress code rules, of course...

Shirt: Zara TRF, S/S 2012
Blazer: Zara Woman, A/W 2010/11
Jeans: Topshop, A/W 2010/11
Bag: Accessorize, A/W 2010/11
Shoes: Accessorize, A/W 2011/12

Once again sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, but I was really busy with preparations for my thesis defense and all the paperwork and bureaucracy stuff that followed. 

In the end I'd like to show you my lucky charm. His name is Rex although he's actually not a T-Rex but a velociraptor, but nevermind. I absolutely adore his face, it's so priceless and funny. 
Please, don't ask why his teeth are hooked for a glass of beer. It's a long story... 



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  1. Cestitke!! Sad znam koga da zovem kad mi zatreba prevodilac za spanski ;)) Divna ti je kosuljica a Rex...hihi..to pokusava da vam kaze da je dosta alkohola?? :)

    1. hvala :) da, Rex je tu bio kao dežurni dušebrižnik da se ne napijemo :D a i nismo. samo dva, tri pivca. sve super prošlo, iduće jutro ustala svježa k'o ružica :)

  2. Cestitke, profesorice... :D

  3. First of all CONGRATS on your graduation :)! I bet it feels great :). And second, lovely outfit. Cute and chic!
    Hey, thanks for your comment, means a lot :).


  4. Čestitke!!! :))
    A ovo mi je preslatko, naročito bluza i torba :)

  5. Thanks for your lovely comment ! I love your top, it's cute !

  6. Slatko! ;)

    I čestitam i ovdje na diplomi. :)

  7. hvala, cure i Mokry! ;)
    tnx, girls! :)

  8. čestitam!

    bluzica je divna, obožavam bube tako da mi je na wishlisti već neko vrijeme :)