3. ruj 2012.

stripes and summer sadness

Hi, everybody!
Hope all of you had a great weekend. Here in Zagreb it was raining all the time on Friday and Saturday, but yesterday some sun finally showed up so Mladen (my boyfriend) and I decided to take a walk around the Zagreb botanical garden. It's quite small, but such a great place to relax from everyday duties and it's situated in the center of the city.

As you can see it was not so warm as it used to be because of the damn rain and the wind. Bye bye, shorts, it's time for jeans and longer pants! :( 

Jeans: Topshop, A/W 2010/11
Shoes: Accessorize, A/W 2011/12
Tank top: H&M, S/S 2011
Asymmetrical top: Clona (bought in Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Bag: Accessorize, A/W 2011/12
Necklace: La Rocka

I've received some e-mails from a couple of readers who ask me why I never wear high heels, pumps or wedges. Well, that's just not me. I have only one pair of high heels, black peep-toe pumps and I wear them 3 or 4 times a year for special occasions. I know it's not typical for fashion bloggers, but hey, I feel comfortable in flats and nothing's gonna change that. Sorry, people. Flats, brogues, chucks, flip-flops, sandals, desert and biker boots are part of my style, my identity. 

Hope the summer won't end so soon and that we'll have plenty more sunny and hot days!



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  1. Dosta vise sa Lanom, leto jos nije gotovo!! Posle ove kisice predvidjaju letnje temperature do kraja oktobra..ja srecna!! Inace, ovde je 35 C pa ako ti vec nedostaje leto, dodji mi u goste :))

    1. hah, istina :) mada, kod nas kažu da će biti maksimalno 25. već mi fali +30, nadam se da si stvarno u pravu! ;)

  2. Love your top <33
    Thank you for your comment ;)

  3. I love this look, the top is awesome ! Thanks for your lovely comment, I answer your question : I bought my black lace dress in Giga Store, I took a XXL size and took of the lining.
    Have a wonderful week !

  4. i love your bag!!


  5. Anonimno4/9/12 01:09

    puno puno si ljepsa pustenih siski, kombinacija je slatka da ne budem off :)

  6. hvala, cure. thanks, girls :)
    Anonimno, ne mogu uvijek imati spuštene šiške jer perem kosu svaka 3, 4 dana, a nakon 2, 3 dana se zamaste i izgledaju nikako pa ih stavim u palmicu s kopčicom na vrh glave. :D

  7. Divne su prugice!:)
    Hvala ti puno na komentaru!!:)

  8. Your outfit looks great!