25. lis 2012.

"new" in - vintage

Hi, people! 

I've done some vintage shopping recently. I absolutely adore vintage clothes, bags and items and as all of you probably know I didn't get lucky with inheritance from mom's closet 'cause my grandma, my mom and my aunt threw away the majority of their old clothes and bags. The blue blouse I found a couple of weeks ago and the red clutch (both used to belong to my aunt) are rare exceptions. 
I really envy my friends who have more conscious female relatives and a bigger amount of vintage clothes in their closets... 
When you compare vintage clothes from 1970s, 1980s or 1990s with items sold nowadays in Zara, H&M, Mango and other high street brand stores, the quality back then was so much better! Clothes were made from materials of stronger quality, they were estimated to be worn for ages and trends didn't change as quickly as today. Real leather was used for bags, blouses and shirts were made of real cotton, jacquard, silk and not of viscose or polyester. 
That's not the only reason I adore vintage. Each vintage item has its own story and background, its own "soul". It was a part of someone else's life in the past and it radiates some kind of nostalgia for good, old times. 

These are my new vintage items. Wish I could know their story... 

1. Leather briefbag with crocodile pattern - bought from another Croatian fashion blogger, Barbara Repe (ar-ar.blog.hr). I saw the photo of this lovely bag in Barbara's "Sale" facebook album and fell in love immediately. I sent PM to the girl and the next day it was mine. The thing that surprised me a bit was its actual size - it's quite bigger than I expected it to be, but hey, it's even better! I really needed a big black bag. 

2. Leather bag with carved rose pattern - bought in Textile House second hand shop a couple of blocks away from my home. It was quite cheap and I absolutely adore it 'cause it's quite unusual. 
When I was a kid my mum used to wear quite similar bag. I was looking for it on the attic, in my grandma's closet, everywhere around house, but couldn't find it. 

3. Sequined bolero with zebra pattern - it was also love at first sight. My friend and I entered the second hand shop Ulični ormar (Street Closet) in Jurišićeva Street in Zagreb quite spontaneously while taking a walk around the  city center and I immediately noticed this sparkly sequined bolero. I'm not 100% positive, but I think it's from mid-1980s. Isn't it great? 

What do you think of vintage clothes, bags, shoes and second hand shops? Do you ever buy vintage clothes in second hand shops, on vintage markets or via eBay? Or have you inherited some vintage items from your moms, grandmas, aunts...? 



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  1. Ja isto volim vintage. Od ovih tvojih ulova mislim da mi je najdraza barbarina torbica. Stvarno je special.

    BTW, Brazilci su taki....moj je dosao u Englesku i prvo se zalio kako mu je zima (prvih par mjeseci), a sad u veljaci hoda u kratkim rukavima i nije mu zima.

  2. barbc kopa lude stvari ali ja ipak najvolim torbu br 2..budi mi krasne uspomene..da vidis samo kakvu sam kosulju ja iskopala! Svila, vezuje se oko vrata, sila nana moja:)) ma lepota jedna!

  3. everything looks so good, in love.

  4. crna tasna je fantasticna!!!!!:)))

    hvala puno na divnim komentarima!!!!
    pratimo naravno!!!!;)))

  5. Obozavam buvljake!Prva torba je super;)

  6. The first bag is adorable, really like it!
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  7. ova druga torba mi se posebno sviđa! :) obožavam kad iskopam neku vitange stvar,te su mi najdraže.imaju priču :)

  8. Oooh ! beautiful ! The bags are so hippy chic, and the jacket so studio 54 ! I can't help loving it !