8. lis 2012.

red and white stripes

Hi, people!

This post could also be called "The awkward moment when..." 'cause something quite awkward happened today while I was waiting for my best friend on the main square in Zagreb. I got stung by a bee! On the main square, not in some forest or in the village or while I was eating fruits or drinking juice! The damn bee collided straight into my face, right under my right cheekbone. I really didn't realize what had just happened until I took the sting from my face. Actually, it didn't hurt at all, only itched for a couple of minutes and luckily my face didn't swell as much as I thought it would, my cheekbone is only slightly swollen and it can be barely seen. 

Grasshoppers are much more dangerous and their bite really hurts, trust me! Seems awkward and totally out of mind, but they DO bite. I experienced it this summer on the seaside while I was washing my teeth. Suddenly, the grasshopper jumped on me and bit me under the left collarbone. Damn, it was painful... As if you were stabbed with a knife or a needle. Now I'm even more afraid of those damn, ugly creatures. 

And now the outfit part of the post... The battery on my little Canon camera got empty. Since Dad took the charger to a business conference in Split (we share the charger 'cause my parents have the same camera, but their charger got broken a couple of months ago) and there was no way to charge my little IXUS, I'll show you one of the "lost" summer outfits. The photos were taken a month and a half ago while it was still warm - 30 degrees in the evening  and during the entire night. God, I miss those days...

Dress: Topshop, S/S 2009
Clutch: vintage (1970s)
Flats: Blink, S/S 2007

Yes, I know, the photos aren't of the best quality... It was the time when Mladen (my boyfriend/photographer) was still having difficulties with the little Canon and was getting to "know" it. His photos improved a lot since then. 

I'll get my charger back tomorrow, so expect some recent autumn outfits pretty soon!



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  1. Odgovori
    1. ej, pa ti si živ, kolega profesore! :)

    2. Hehe, jesam, ali imam puno posla u školi pa ništa drugo ne stignem. :D

  2. A meni skakavci domace zivotinje :) Nisam znala da grizu O_O
    Prekrasna haljina..rado bih je posedovala :))Sreca pa je jos uvek dovoljno toplo za letnje kombinacije :))

    1. ooo da, grizu. :D Iris (frendicu sa slike iz prošlog posta) je isto ugrizao (u list noge) i izgledalo je k'o da ju je netko mlatnuo bejzbol palicom.
      blago tebi, i kod nas je (do danas) bilo toplo preko dana, al' navečer zahladi brutalno i padne i na 12, 13 stupnjeva. a s ovom kišom danas - kratki rukavi bye, bye. nema više. :D

    2. Ma padne i ovde al bar po danu jos uzivam..a uvece nisam izasla, ne pamtim. Sve nesto oko 7,8 pa u 11 kuci :) Sto je najgadnije nemam nista za "odozgo" za ovaj blesavi prelazni period..

  3. Kod nas nikad nije 30 pa mi ni ne fali. LOL

    1. heh, da, London :) al' kod vas su zime toplije ;)

  4. That is a very nice stripped dress!


  5. Moje jedino iskustvo je kada sam na moru sela na pčelu (nisam je videla), ubola ona mene ali sam ja nju ubila :/
    A slatka je haljina, mnogo lepe boje, prava letnja!

  6. wow you look so cute I adore your dress- the stripes are super cute!

  7. perfect dress!


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  8. Obozavam pruge,u svim bojama!Super haljina,savrsen kroj!;)

  9. Great dress, U look so pretty.

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  10. Meni je apsolutno fascinantno kako ti pamtiš sezone svih odjevnih predmeta koje imaš :)


    1. heh, ne znam. :D pamtim nekako, vežem se dosta uz odjeću, povežem je s određenim događajima, mjestima... :)

  11. wow you look stunning, this dress is adorable :)!

  12. Haljina je predivna!!! A ne brini se za ujed pcele, to je zdravo, svaki ubod pcele produzava zivot- barem tako kazu stare priche!;)))
    Pozdrav iz Vankuvera!

    1. hahaha, na kraju je bilo veselo, alergija i injekcije, 10 dana moram piti Claritine :D

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  15. You're lovely with that dress !

  16. bravissima...scrivi davvero molto bene in italiano ^^
    brava brava e bella...complimenti bellissimo look...
    ora ti seguo anche io
    un abbraccio



  17. Mnogo ti lepo stoji i ova boja i ove prugice!:)

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  19. Totally in love with stripes and navy look! Well done!

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