2. lis 2012.

new in

1. Zara top with applique on the shoulder - it was love at first sight. So simple, but when you look closer and see the back part... Oooh. For some people it seems rather expensive, but I know it's a good investment. Black is one of my favorite colors and can be combined in many, many ways. I'm sure I'm gonna wear it for a long, long time.  

2. Zara tie print blouse with applique around neckline - the metal applique around neckline and this lovely print were the thing that captured me immediately. It's my first long-sleeved buttoned blouse in wardrobe since high school. 

3. Zara leather jacket - finally! I was looking for the black leather jacket (real leather, not polyurethane which can be found everywhere) for the last couple of seasons, but haven't found anything until now. The photos from the website don't show the real beauty of this amazing jacket. Rock on, baby! 

4. Zara cropped checked trousers - the first non-denim trousers in my wardrobe. If I start working in some company or get any kind of job soon, jeans aren't allowed (dress code, hell yeah), so let's get prepared in advance. 

5. Zara trousers with turn-up hem - I really need the black ones too for my future job. Pure classic.



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  1. these are all great picks!

  2. wow I love the black blouse! :)

  3. Jooj, ovde zaa 2 dana ovaraju najvecu Zaru na Balkanu. Upikirala sam 2-3 para cizama i jedva cekam :))

    1. o, da, imaju predivnih čizama ove sezone. <3 srećom pa već imam čizme, lani sam uzela one crne gležnjače s tirkizno plavim džonom na vezanje i one smeđe čizmice sa zakovicama od brušene kože. samo pazi da je Zarina obuća koju kupuješ od prave kože. sve ovo ostalo (umjetna koža & stuff) im nije baš najkvalitetnije. ludim na te čizmice od umjetne brušene kože s plavim džonom, baš su loše kvalitete makar su prekrasne na prvi pogled.

  4. uf uf uf,sve bi ti ukralaaaa :) ali jakna,savršena <3

  5. Jakna je odlična i košuljica mi se isto jako sviđa.ma svee!

  6. Zara ce da me dovede na prosjacki stap;)